A proposed rewrite of the
Laws of Duplicate Bridge

The World Bridge Federation's Laws Commission prepares a new version of the Laws of Duplicate Bridge about every 10 years. In 2002 Grattan Endicott, coordinator of the drafting subcommittee, began work on a complete rewrite. It was eventually abandoned in favor of an incremental approach. The files below represent the draft version, known as "XA", at the time it was set aside.

If anyone has access to a decent OCR program and wants to run this through please feel free to do so and send me the results. I'd be delighted to supplement the scanned PDFs with text versions. Also, the PDFs have a number of blank pages, reflecting the organization of the original document. If anyone wants to remove those, and perhaps also trim the file sizes without reducing legibility, I'd be happy to replace these with new versions.

Full text files

Scanned PDF files (not searchable)

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